I manage a small group of gardeners who are out on regular client sites from day to day. Along with the regular clients we receive a lot of calls asking for new quotations which have to be scheduled into the day. I was struggling to keep up with where the team were and their availability to move onto another job. Using eHuddleboard has opened up a much better communication channel with the team, we now have an app where we can assign a job to a person or a group of people. I can see if anyone is on holiday or if someone has the capacity to take on extra work. Being able to see if any of the team have any issues, like broken equipment, allows me to react quickly to replace or repair any tools, in some cases even being able to deliver a replacement straight away.

Being a digital design agency, we were looking for a fun way to collaborate towards the same goals and feel like part of the same team as team members are distributed across the globe. We use eHuddleboard to run a daily virtual meeting to discuss the days' priorities and see if anyone needs any help with his or her work. We find the ‘learnings’ and ‘topics to discuss’ sections really important as it allows everybody in the team to have a voice and get involved. We have created some cool manga avatars which makes us giggle every time we see them. We find using eHuddleboard very team orientated and it does not feel like a chore to keep up to date. Our communication has greatly improved and our team morale has rocketed.

I run a 4 person team in an admin office, we have lots of tasks to complete daily. It's often the case that our daily priorities change as the day goes on and I used to struggle to keep on top of who is doing what and what the team needed to focus on next. I used to write tasks on post-it notes and hand them out to the team. I was looking for a better way to manage our tasks and trialed eHuddleboard, it instantly improved our efficiency and productivity. The team now have one place to see the next task in the queue and assign themselves to it. We like to be able to view tasks grouped by their status which is clear and easy to read. My office life has become much less stressful and the team seem happier.