• Jane

Should we care about how robots feel? (we should care about how people feel)

Robots have happiness checks, what about people?

As we look to the workforce of the future, it will look very different. It will comprise of both machines and people. We check the happiness of the robots to ensure they are working but not the people who are working in our teams. Is there benefit to know how the team is feeling?

“A recent study by Warwick University found happiness made people around 12% more productive”

Knowing the benefit of having a happy team means that we should change the approach we often take when starting to work with a new methodology. Be that in an agile environment or a traditional project approach, we often concentrate on what needs to be delivered and by whom and track the progress, but forget about how the teams feel every single day (it may also change throughout the day).

This lead me to consider how ehuddeboard works so that I could use it to support me in making my team more productive. There are very few tools out there which concentrate on the team and not only the task. The team has been using this tool for a short period of time but I have seen an improvement in not only productivity but team engagement.

We previously used whiteboards and sticky notes. Not only is this not engaging for team memebers who were virtual, we found ourselves forever picking them up off the floor. With this the team members whether in the office or not feel more connected.

Today I know the happiness of my team at any moment and the robots have their own measurement (uptime).