• Jane

You too, could unlock the power of being happy

It sounds simple right? Right, so why is it a topic that when in the workplace is often overlooked. We spend time checking that we will hit that deadline or the presentation looks good. But what about taking the time to check on how happy we are or the team are?

Is it because we don’t have the right culture or environment to feel as though we can express how we feel? or is it that we don’t take the time? Waiting for your next team meeting or retrospective to say “Hey, I wasn’t very happy :( during this stage of the project.”

“Almost half of UK employees are unhappy at work” smallbusiness.co.uk

You then hold back because now you’re ok . Wouldn’t it of been better to tell someone how you were feeling when you felt it, so that there was an opportunity to rectify the situation.

I found a solution to this by incorporating it into our daily work practice. It wasn’t easy but using a tool with realtime updates and a virtual environment to start creating the right culture to feel safe. Our tool does exactly this and allows users on all devices whether in the office or outside the office. Without a reinforcement mechanism it would have taken longer given the diverse and disperse team.